Buganda Region Football Association has a number of objectives and these include;

To improve the game of football constantly and promote, regulate and control it throughout the territory of Buganda in the light of fair play and its unifying educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through youth and development programs.

To organize competitions in Association Football in all its forms at a regional level, by defining precisely, as required the areas of authority conceded to the various leagues of which it is composed

To draw up regulations and provisions and ensure their enforcement

To protect the interests of its members

To respect and prevent any infringement of the statutes, regulations, directives and decisions of FIFA, of CAF and FUFA as well as the Laws of the Game and to ensure that these are also respected by its members

To prevent all methods or practices which might jeopardize the integrity of the matches or competitions or give rise to abuse of Association Football

To control and supervise all friendly football matches in BRFA jurisdiction of all forms played throughout the territory of BRFA

To manage inter regional sporting relations connected with Association Football in all its forms.

To host competitions at regional and other lower levels.

To co-operate with FUFA in all matters relating to international competitions or relating to the laws of the game of association football and generally to adhere to and comply with the FUFA Rules

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